Asadorian-Mejia / Splash News 1 / 7
Asadorian-Mejia / Splash News 1 / 7

Madonna was hailed across Malawi this week for her philanthropic efforts ("I will bring you electricity," she declared). But the reviews she's getting closer to home aren't quite so charitable.

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A couple of tabloids feel that the smooth-faced pop icon, 51, could be a lot more benevolent toward squeeze Jesus Luz, 22, who has been a no-show on her Malawi mission.

"She doesn't treat him with respect," a "pal" of the Brazilian model kvetches to In Touch. "She talks to him like an errand boy, like he's stupid and has nothing to say. Madonna makes it clear that he's nothing but a pretty face. She treats him like a sex object."

(We'll pause for a second to give you a chance to clutch your pearls. All right, moving on ...)

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But the Big M, who supposedly called Luz "the love of my life" during her birthday celebration in August, gives good contrition in the form of expensive gifts, says Us Weekly.

"She always regrets being nasty to him," alleges a source. "She bosses him around and doesn't treat him like an equal. At the time, she thinks nothing of it, but then the guilt sets in shortly after."

According to the mag, a recent material (girl) mea culpa was a quartet of "finely woven, hand-tailored silk shirts in crimson, purple, chocolate and cream."

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"She told him they were a gift because she was proud of his recent work in the DJ booth," claims the snitch, "but it was because she was feeling badly about how s----y she'd behaved toward him."

Luz, the insider cattily adds, is like "a puppy who comes running anytime his master calls."


Meanwhile, back in Malawi, Madonna's presence was her present as she toured an orphanage on Thursday with kids Lourdes, 13, Mercy, 4, and David, 4.

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But the megastar, who broke ground earlier this week on her $15 million Raising Malawi Academy for Girls, had to cede the spotlight to the bubbly personality of David, whom she adopted from the country in 2006 (she brought Mercy home in June).

The rambunctious tyke stuck his tongue out for the cameras and showed his talent for accessorizing by sporting his mom's designer sunglasses and a locally made woven bag (be sure to click through the photos at left to check out David's antics and accoutrements).

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