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Michael Jackson's former bodyguards are aiming to put an end to long-running rumors that the superstar was secretly gay by telling all about the King of Pop's girlfriends in a new book.

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The legacy of the "Thriller" hitmaker, who died after suffering a cardiac arrest last June, has been tainted by claims he led a double life behind closed doors, after the singer's former dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein alleged his office manager Jason Pfeiffer had had a sexual relationship with the late star.

Pfeiffer went public with the claims on TV earlier this month and Klein backed up his story, telling that his employee was "the love of his (Jackson's) life."

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Jackson's father Joe has slammed the accusations, insisting, "Michael was not gay."

Now three of the singer's longterm security guards are stepping up to clear up the speculation about Jackson's sexuality in their new tome, "In Defense of the King."

In the book, Bill Whitfield, Javon Beard and Mike Garcia claim Jackson had two girlfriends at the time of his death, including one European woman called "Friend," the bodyguards' publicist Lelani Clark confirms.

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"In Defense of the King," which is currently being shopped around, also details the extent of Jackson's financial problems, reports the New York Post.