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Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin have apparently been undercover lovers, according to a new report, claiming the high-profile couple never actually split up in October as most media outlets reported.

J.Law and Chris have "been together the whole time," a source told Us Weekly, adding that they let on that they had split to take pressure off the relationship.

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"Neither of them wanted to be a public couple so quickly. So they told people they were broken up while they continued to build a relationship," the source said, adding that they even developed a foolproof way to sneak the Coldplay singer into Jen's house without being detected.

Sneaky, sneaky!

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But as they continue building their relationship with each other, Jennifer is not building any kind of relationship with Chris's ex Gwyneth Paltrow, and that's by design.

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"Chris hasn't wanted them to meet yet," another source told the magazine. "Gwyneth and Chris are co-parenting without Jen involved for now."