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For the 2,000 revelers who attended a pool party on Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, it was more than just a chance to escape the 115-degree heat with drinks and dancing. Turns out this particular shindig had an added bonus: the opportunity to hurl insults at host Jon Gosselin.

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With eight mouths to feed and a 22-year-old girlfriend to keep in the reality show-provided lifestyle to which she's likely become accustomed, Gosselin has seemingly found gainful employment as a human punching bag.

People magazine reports that as Jon walked the red carpet on the way into the bash, one bikini-sporting partygoer climbed on a railing and hollered "Team Kate!"

And that was just the warm-up.

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In addition to a screamed suggestion to "Go sleep with that 18-year-old," an apparent reference to his youthful squeeze, Hailey Glassman, Radar Online reports some of the guys in the crowd razzed Gosselin about his bald spot; questioned him about the price of hair plugs; teased him about his non-strapping pecs; and mocked his clothes, even though he wasn't wearing his usual execrable Ed Hardy-wear.

If Gosselin was bothered, he didn't let on. With his mother and four friends in tow (Hailey, however, was a no-show), he held court in a cabana, reportedly sipping champagne, smoking cancer sticks and chatting up the packs of seemingly low standard- and low self-esteem-having string-bikinied women who were drawn to his camera-surrounded vicinity, several of whom offered up their numbers to the receptive dad.

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Meanwhile, on the other end of the country, Jon's estranged wife, Kate, tossed her own, far more PR-savvy pool party.

E! News says she and her brood spent the day at their Pennsylvania compound in the company of her bodyguard, Steve Neild, and his family.

The gathering should go a long way to putting the kibosh on tabloid reports linking Kate to her minder, who arrived with his wife and two teenage sons.

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"The kids all went swimming," says a spy. "They were splashing around in the pool and having a really good time."

At the end of the day, Gosselin, who graced the cover of last week's People magazine ("Sometimes I feel it's a 15-year-old I'm getting divorced from"), shared a rumor-quashing hug with Mrs. Neild. Score one for Team Kate.

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