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Ryan Sweeting, sir, you win!

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting's husband threw his wife the surprise birthday party to end all surprise birthday parties, complete with a theme song with custom lyrics.

Four months after Kaley threw her hubby a surprise party where she pulled out all the stops, Ryan, a professional tennis player, knew he'd need to step up his game for his wife's 29th birthday party. Mission accomplished.

Kaley, for her part, acknowledged that it was "the best birthday of my life."

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"Kaley had no idea about the party and said it's the first time she'd ever been surprised. Ryan had been planning the party with me since July and is a great planner, he wanted to make sure that every detail was tailored to everything she loves," event planner Lauren Tatum told People magazine.

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As is often the case with parties, it was all in the details.

Tatum told the magazine that the party had three themes: pink-and-black everything, horses and "Ryan loves Kaley." Partygoers donned large "Ryan Loves Kaley" pink circular necklaces as they celebrated at Nobu Malibu, but Ryan took it over the top with a custom song that he had all the guests learn.

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Tatum said, "Ryan had a romantic and hysterical song written for Kaley [to the tune of Maroon 5's "Happy Ever After"] that all of the guests learned and sang to her, as a surprise. She sat in a chair and listened to her friends sing, and eventually grabbed the printed lyrics and joined in, as well. We played the song at the party a few times throughout the night and Kaley and the guests loved it."

After the party, Kaley took to Instagram to gush about the party and her husband. "Just when I thought no one could EVER surprise me, Mr Sweeting goes and does it. best birthday of my life / thank you to everyone involved- you know who you are."