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For better or worse, Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom have vowed to stick together until one of them drops dead, but questions continue over their quickie but not necessarily legally binding wedding on Sunday.

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For one thing, with the reality show brunette said to be banking all the moolah from the E!-filmed nuptials, including a rumored $300,000 from an exclusive deal with OK! magazine (which apparently wasn't thrilled with the ceremony's helicopter-surrounded, "circus"-like atmosphere), some are scratching their heads over what's in it for her Los Angeles Lakers hubby, besides netting a not-so-blushing bride he's known for about 30 days.

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"It's all about being in the spotlight. Lamar craves the attention and he's fascinated by how Khloe and her family get it," an NBA snitch alleges to the Chicago Sun-Times. "It's always bugged him how Kobe [Bryant] and Shaq [O'Neal] and Michael [Jordan] are such media magnets. He wants that, too. He figures being with Khloe will only help to build his brand, too.''

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But will that brand include co-starring with Khloe in a "Newlyweds"-style reality show chronicling their union (assuming it lasts long enough to be captured on camera)?

So hinted the ubiquitous Ryan Seacrest, who produces "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" and "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami," as he made his way into their Beverly Hills-set wedding.

"I mean, come on, the producer side of me is thinking [it] could be a good series," he told TMZ. "[But] today's about celebration, tomorrow's about production."

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Tomorrow may also be about increased child support, according to the Sun-Times, which contends that Odom's ex, Liza Morales, is willing to go to court in order to increase payments for their two kids, Destiny, 11, and Lamar Jr., 7.

And Morales, who split with the basketball star two years ago, not long after they lost their infant son, Jayden, to SIDS, isn't exactly keeping quiet about her former love's rush down the aisle.

She kvetches to Radar Online that he broke the news about his plans with a text.

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"It simply read: 'Getting married soon -- want the kids to meet my future wife,'" gripes Morales. "I've known Lamar for 15 years and we had three children together and he was always a real commitment-phobe so finding out that he was marrying Khloe Kardashian so soon was a bombshell to say the least."

So much so that she reportedly tossed out the many designer clothes, shoes and other items that Odom had left at her New York apartment.

"There were several pairs of custom-made size 15 sneakers, Sean John designer jogging suits, expensive slacks, Lakers jerseys, silk shirts, sportswear and some jackets," a snitch tattles to Radar. "She had the porter haul down the trash bags and said, 'I don't want Lamar's stuff in my house anymore!'"

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Morales acknowledges the purge, explaining, "I did get rid of some of his clothes in the recycle bin but that was only to clear some space in the closet and to clear his energy from my place."

Still, she wishes only good things for Odom, who inked a $33 million deal with the Lakers a few months back.

"I just hope that he has found true love now," she says, "and that he has got married for the right reasons -- not for Hollywood, publicity, money or fame."

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