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By Kat Giantis

Welcome to the wonderful world of adulthood, Miley Cyrus. A little more than a week after celebrating her 18th birthday, the starlet has found herself in the middle of a naked photo drama.

Several blogs have posted what are being billed as private pictures from Miley's iPhone, which was purportedly stolen last week during a party.

In about a half-dozen images, she's wearing a teeny robe and striking a pouty pose inside a fancy closet.

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But one shot shows a woman -- her face can't be seen -- baring some of her lady parts in an open flannel shirt as she snaps herself in a mirror (no, we're not going to link to the picture, and we suggest you save yourself from future squickiness by not seeking it out).

The pic was allegedly taken during Cyrus's recent trip to Madrid, making her 17 at the time.

So, is it Miley?

Her rep didn't respond to our request for comment on the brewing controversy, which is the latest in a long line of camera-based problems for the teen queen. But two very vocal factions have weighed in on the authenticity of the photo.

Those who believe it's a fake hoist a few red flags, including how the woman pictured doesn't appear to have Miley's "just breathe" tattoo inked just below her left boob. Her hair also looks to be lighter and longer and the body seems a bit different.

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Camp Real responds by pointing out that Cyrus owns a flannel shirt and wristband not unlike the ones seen in the photo, which supposedly was taken at the Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid, the same place she is rumored to have stayed last month while in town for the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Coincidentally, the photo fuss comes a week after insiders shot down rumors that Miley would mark her milestone birthday by posing for Playboy.

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