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BBC / The Graham Norton Show / Promotional 1 / 6

By Kat Giantis

Have Rihanna's fingers been flirting up a storm with Colin Farrell? The London Sun has a dubious tale claiming the coif-challenged chart-topper has been texting the former Irish bad boy ever since they appeared on a British talk show together in November.

"Colin was taken aback by some of the texts," alleges a source, who apparently didn't see the actor's sex tape, 'cause not much at all seems to take him aback. "He reckons he might well be in there [side note: that's a British expression that doesn't mean what you think it means]. They're both single, so why not?"

During their chemistry-laden sit-down with Graham Norton, Farrell. 34, complimented RiRi's Gillette-sponsored gams, and she shared an intimate waxing story, much to his delight.

They supposedly traded digits after filming and have made plans to meet up in Los Angeles when they get some free time.

Hot as that sounds, the rendezvous is apparently news to Farrell. A confidant tells Gossip Cop that the texting rumors are so much hooey.

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The onetime Lusty Leprechaun has been single since his breakup last year with actress Alicja Bachleda, who gave birth to their son, Henry, in 2009.

As for Rihanna, who ended her romance with baseballer Matt Kemp in late 2010, she rang in her 23rd birthday on Sunday at a Beverly Hills bash that brought out a host of celebrity pals, including Jay-Z, Zac Efron, Cee Lo Green, Mary J. Blige and Diddy, reports People.

Around 1 a.m., Snoop Dog and Warren G graced the party with their presence, singing and dancing to classic hip-hop tunes as the other guests cheered (or maybe they were just really excited about the red velvet birthday cupcakes decorated with flags from Rihanna's native Barbados).

Also in attendance: Ryan Phillippe, who scored a hug from the birthday girl just days after she allegedly shot down his pick-up attempt, a rumor that the actor's maybe-ex, Amanda Seyfried, denied.

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