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By Brenda Rodriguez and Saryn Chorney

The water-cooler gossip was buzzing this morning after Sandra Bullock revealed her baby boy to the world and finally kicked Jesse James to the curb. Nicely done, Sandy. But the big news got the Internet aflutter with all sorts of opinions on the matter. Check out what Sandy's fans and media talking heads alike had to say on the topic.

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Mary Elizabeth Williams of wondered if the stress of adoption had anything to do with Jesse's wandering eye. "She's following in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie, whose marriage to Billy Bob Thornton crumbled soon after adopting her first child, Maddox. Is there something about the stress of adoption that contributes to a marital decline?" Williams asked. "I can't help recalling Jennifer Garner's 'Juno' character, Vanessa, who forges on as a single mother after her husband decides he's in over his head.

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But as Bullock moves forward as a single mom, fan Wayne Parker of East St. Louis, Ill., couldn't help but to give Sandy props for doing it her way. "Glad you got rid of him!!!! Love to see you smile in your movies and I can see that you are gonna be a great mom!!!!" Parker wrote on Facebook. "Good thing you know what you are worth!!!"

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Sandy isn't the only one getting attention. "We are so happy for Sandra, who has decided to make her tabloid cover debut in such an inspiring and classy way. But we also gotta say: Sandra? Your baby is a total baller," said Michelle Collins of "Best Week Ever." And Facebook Sandy devotee Juliana Hill of Reno, Nev., couldn't agree more.

"My heart goes out to you. You are a survivor, continue to be strong! Little Louis is gorgeous!" Hill wrote.

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One interesting tidbit in Bullock's adoption revelation: Louis had a circumcision. "Bullock gave son Louis Bardo a Jewish circumcision ceremony with 'full on Jewish brit [milah]," wrote. "Sandra Bullock calls the private circumcision 'the greatest moment I have ever had in my life' in People Magazine. Considering all the pain she's gone through with Jesse James in the cheating scandal, Bullock deserves more great moments."

Her fans also expressed their sympathy, as Facebook fan Cindy Newport Amato of Riverview, Fla., noted, "Glad she's had the baby to focus on. That is great news! Congratulations Sandra and sorry you have had to go through such a tough time."

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Ashley Moore-Baker of Blanchester, Ohio, praised the actress for not backing out of the adoption while divorcing James. "She seems to be a wonderful, kind-hearted, and loving person! Her son is definitely going to be loved and well taken care of!" Moore-Baker wrote on Facebook.

Sandy's adoption decision also got a thumbs up from Claire Daniel at "Sandra Bullock is no racist, but more likely a Saint ... In with the new and out with the old. She may be 'sad' and 'scared' about her impending divorce, but clearly she is marching on," Daniel wrote.

That she is, with her adorable bouncing baby boy in tow. We wish only the best to them both.