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Matt Sayles / Invision/AP 1 / 8

Jesse James not only ruined his marriage to Sandra Bullock. Seems he's also sullied the entire city of Los Angeles for her. That's according to PopEater, which says the Oscar-winning new mom wants a fresh start with 3-month-old son Louis far from the town that has her future ex-hubby and his many alleged mistresses in it.

"Sandra hates the fakeness of Hollywood and doesn't want to raise her little boy in that environment," says a source. "The whole place is so toxic for her that she just wants to get away and start over."

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Last week, moving trucks were spotted in front of the New Orleans home she bought in 2009 with James. Word is, she wants to split her time between the palatial Victorian mansion in the Big Easy, the town where Louis was born, and her longtime base in Austin, Texas.

"Sandra wants to be a part of life in New Orleans," a source recently told FoxNews, "and she believes it will be great for Louis to grow up there."

What does this mean for Bullock's big-screen career, which hit a high in 2009 with her Oscar-winning turn in "The Blind Side" and the big box office returns of "The Proposal" (let's just pretend "All About Steve" never happened, m'kay)?

"She might never make another film again," the spy speculates to PopEater. "Now her life is about her son and finding happiness again."

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And it seems finding that happiness means selling the Long Beach, Calif., home she shared with her estranged motorcycle mogul husband and steering clear of reminders of his betrayal.

"Jesse's businesses are in L.A. and the thought of what went on inside that building makes Sandra sick," says the source. "Plus, Jesse's tattooed mistress, Bombshell McGee, is in Los Angeles trying to capitalize on her 15 minutes of fame."

Which, fingers crossed, have hit 14 minutes, 58 seconds and counting.

On Wednesday, Michelle McGee (as previously stated, we refuse to refer to her as "Bombshell," unless it's in an ironic, giant-guy-named-Tiny kind of way) chatted up Howard Stern to promote her upcoming boxing match with a porn star, and she came across as intelligent, well-spoken and kind.

Just kidding. The forehead-inked publicity hustler was exactly as crude, contemptible, idiotic and execrable as you'd expect.

McGee addressed her supposedly racist past ("No, not very white supremacist. No. No, more like white pride stuff"), her rainbow coalition of pals ("I'd make a really horrible racist Nazi. I have too many colored friends" -- yes, she really used the word "colored"), her ostensible hookups with James on the coffin-shaped couch in his office ("It was hot. Yeah. It wasn't excellent. It was fun") and the extravagant gifts he bestowed upon her ("He gave me a t-shirt once ... it had wolves on it").

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And big-hearted gal that she is, Michelle told Howard that she feels "bad" for Bullock. Still, that didn't stop her from commenting on rumors that Jesse had been unhappy because Sandra allegedly "slept with nine dogs in the bed."

She also insists she harbored no illusions about the alleged affair.

"He was always like 'Shh! ... Can't go out in public, just be patient, just give it time, stuff like that,'" recalled McGee. "I couldn't even get him to take me out for pizza! Of course he wasn't gonna marry me."

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