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By Michelle Lanz

Sarah Jessica Parker is by far one of the hardest working ladies (and moms) in Hollywood. Not only is she working on the "Sex and the City" sequel and caring for three kids (including infant twins) with her husband Matthew Broderick, but she also found time to star opposite Hugh Grant in "Did You Hear About the Morgans."

She opens up to Parade exclusively about her new twin girls, working with Hugh, and whether we'll have to endure a fifth or sixth "Sex and the City" movie.

On motherhood and telling her twin girls apart:

"It's sort of beyond description. It's a very, very lucky, wonderful time in our lives that we have these two darling little girls and we're very happy. They could not be more different. It is hilarious, one of my daughters is round-headed and she has my complexion. She's olive, she has big brown eyes and she is literally constantly looking around and reaching out. I mean, I don't know how she manages to sleep. My other daughter is like my husband, Matthew. She is white-skinned with little blue bedroom eyes and red hair. She's very serious and slightly withholding and aloof."

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On how she feels for other working moms:

"I honestly think there are millions and millions of working mothers who have far more demanding days and the rewards are nowhere near what I've been given. They don't have the kind of help that I have if I need it. I'm allowed to be a working mother because frankly, I can leave my child with someone I trust and love and a lot of mothers can't do that."

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On how she's not a laid back parent:

"I don't think you worry less in general. I think I'm still woken in the middle of the night by some horrible thought that I've conjured in my brain. Every time there's a visit to the pediatrician, I worry. Is everything all right? After my son was born, if he'd cry or something, I'd just walk up the stairs to his room. Now, I'm running up and down the stairs like a lunatic, barely holding on to the banister."

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On finally getting the chance to work with Hugh Grant:

"I think I remember auditioning to co-star with Hugh in 'Four Weddings and a Funeral.' I think I did. I know I screen-tested for 'Nine Months.' Of course, I didn't get either. I have wanted to play opposite him in a romantic comedy for basically as long as Americans, especially women, have known and loved Hugh Grant."

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On kissing Hugh Grant:

"I didn't make any demands in terms of the interpersonal connecting of body parts. I just did what I was told by the director. But, every time I kissed Hugh, I told him I was doing it for America."

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On whether there be a "Sex and the City 5":

"Oh good God, we'd come in with walkers. Oh, I hope not, for all of America's sake. I mean, we're lucky to have been able to manage to run around in heels on the sequel. So we'll see what the future holds, but this one has been really fun."

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On how she's fashion-challenged in real life:

"If I'm not working, I'm really just wearing whatever is right to get out of the door. I take my son to school in the morning. When it's freezing outside, I've got to convince him to put a hat on and boots on and he resists. By the time he's dressed, I just have time to grab anything handy and run out the door. I also have two daughters in diapers who are drooling, teething and spitting up. You don't want a designer outfit in that situation. So you just wear what's appropriate to be a mother."