Amy Schumer is keeping her 4.7 million Instagram followers guessing: Did she get calf implants or is she joking around?

The "Trainwreck" star took to Instagram and more than implied that she was having a procedure done.

In a picture clearly from a doctor's office, Amy and a friend look to be taking part in some medical procedure, but it's not clear what. It could be something as simple as giving blood, as the comedian/actress looks to have had something done near a vein on her arm. It could be that she got an I.V. She also wears a hospital bracelet.

Her friend dons an elastic tourniquet, adding to the mystery.

"So excited for my calve implants #prettyhurts #worthit #balmain," Amy captioned the image in which both she and her pal appear stone faced.

So excited for my calve implants #prettyhurts #worthit #balmain

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While most think this is a joke (and let's be honest, it probably is), Amy added to the intrigue by posting a photo of rather large calfs shortly afterward, implying that they were hers.

"I love them!," she said of the picture of the calves.

I love them!

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Most of the comments on her Instagram page range from people supporting her decision to people laughing at her likely joke.

"So much for love your body the way it is!," one person wrote. Another said, "disappointed in you, Amy, your legs were fine and I completely 100% believe you had calf implants."

The flip side was also prevalent on her page. "U crack me up," one person, clearly believing that this is all a joke, wrote. Another said, "LOL Amy you're hilarious, this is the greatest joke of all time!"

Her Twitter page makes no mention of the alleged procedure.

While her calves may not get everyone excited, her love life does. It's become "viral Internet news," she recently joked to Jimmy Fallon about her romance with boyfriend Ben Hanisch.

Human centipedes

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"It's because I think he's really cute," she said, "and I think people were like, 'What? Dating Amy? But he has all his teeth!' and people were shocked."