This time, "Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise" villain Chad Johnson may have gone too far -- and that's really saying something considering the out-of-line things he's said and done on the popular ABC shows.

Chad had been on the defensive all week (actually all year) after criticizing "Bachelor in Paradise" star Sarah Herron for her missing limb. The Internet didn't take too kindly to his antics and let him know it, with many lambasting him for his behavior.

Chad's response: "I am a real person, and sometimes I get too drunk and I say the wrong things," he wrote on Twitter on Thursday. "So get off my back or I'll murder your family #TheBachelorette."


Later, he tweeted an alleged conversation he had with someone who he doesn't name, perhaps it was with himself.

"'Chad you got drunk and said bad things' - me: Thanks for bringing that up," he wrote while implying a sexual act. "I'll kill your family. JK JK Love youuuu."

He later deleted the message.

Earlier, he had another disturbing tweet about death.

"If I Murder someone does that kinda make me capable of hanging out with their dead body? Slightly? I'm so bored. #FriendsAtAPrice," he wrote.

To say Chad has been a lighting rod of controversy on the shows would be an understatement.

On JoJo Fletcher's season of the "The Bachelorette" he threatened to beat up many of the guys, even saying he would track them down after the show was over to harm them.

On "Paradise" he got into a fight with Sarah, going so far as to call her a "one-armed b----."

The same night the show aired, he took to Twitter to apologize for his comments, saying, "I should've never ever EVER said that abt @sarahherron tonight. I was a [expletive] im disappointed in myself."

His tone changed the next day, although it's unclear if he was referring to Sarah, although most people took it that way when he tweeted, "Have I said anything disrespectful, or did I just state something that was a fact but in an unflattering tone? #SorryKinda #NoFilterOops."