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Gabriel Olsen / FilmMagic 1 / 10

On April 11, Brandi Glanville posted a sexy photo of her backside while only wearing a thong to Instagram. But, it turns out, it was never really her plan to post it for the world to see.

She was "blackmailed" into doing it, she said.

On her most recent podcast, the off-and-on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star explained the somewhat sinister reason about why she shared that image with her nearly 100,000 followers.

"Here's the real deal. I'm very proud of my body, I take good care of it. Mark [Hasche, her hairstylist] took that picture last Christmas when he was taking my weave out," she said. "Then I was texting with somebody who I used to date and he very passive aggressively made it known and made it very well aware that he had a lot of sexy pictures with me, so I had better be nice to him in the press."

Her response to the veiled threat: "I'm like, that's blackmail! It's passive aggressive blackmail," she said. "I went and looked at what I sent him and I thought, this is probably the most naked one I sent him and get in front of it, put it out there and I know I'm gonna get hate for it, but my a— looks good, I'm happy with it and what, what's he gonna do?"

At the time LeAnn Rimes' mortal enemy posted the snap, she didn't indicate any of this.

"Ive struggled with wanting to post this but I've worked so hard on my body &at 43 after 2 kids I'm very proud," she wrote of the sexy topless shot. "I love that @kimkardashian makes the point that moms are hot even after kids and post sexy selfies. Ive prepped for the haters & was given the blessing of my family! Zero filters zero photo shop #ankle weights work!"

The always-opinionated Brandi said she got a lot of negative feedback for sharing the NSFW image. Many people cited her two young sons as reasons she should be embarrassed. She doesn't see it that way.

"You can't see anything except for my a— cheeks. All of a sudden, I'm a horrible mom because I have a picture of my a— out there?," she said, indicting that people called her a "horrible mom" and claimed her kid wouldn't be proud of her actions. "My kids will be proud of me because I'm putting, not only my a— online, but food on the table. I'm taking care of them."