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Hello, ab envy! Britney Spears may have just turned another year older last week, but her midsection is showing no signs of aging.

The pop star took to Instagram on Dec. 7 to inform her fans of her long day, but it was her flat, toned tummy that caught everyone's attention.

"Long day recording ... now it's facial time!" the newly-turned 34-year-old captioned the photo that shows her in comfortable pants and a long-sleeved crop top. While taking the selfie, Brit's top creeps up, revealing her slender tight midsection and coveted body.

Of Britney's 6.6 million Instagram followers, many told her she has a "hot body" or something of that nature. Another said, "I'm gonna do some ab stuff tonight."

With a body like that, it wouldn't surprise anyone if she got in a quick workout during that "long day recording." Then again, the pop princess does burn her fair share of calories while performing in her Las Vegas show at Planet Hollywood.

Granted, not everyone can have a Britney-like body, but you can at least try. Last year, Jayden James and Sean's mommy shared her weekly workout with Women's Health, one that consists of eating right, a heavy dose of cardio and a lot of high-intensity interval training.

"I like my workouts to be effective in a short amount of time," Britney said.

Whatever she's doing, it's working.