Drew Barrymore isn't the only celeb who is a fan of Pokémon!

She seemed like the biggest fan when she hosted a fancy penthouse party in honor of Pokémon's 20th anniversary in Los Angeles on Feb. 27, 2016. But now all sorts of celebs are admitting their obsession with Pokémon Go and catching 'em all.

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Pokémon Go is the latest Nintendo game app that is taking the world by storm. The addicting app has officially surpassed Tinder's popularity and is reportedly about to beat out Twitter's daily active users number. If you aren't already glued to your phone trying to catch Pokémon, when you download the app, you'll soon see why it's so addicting. The new version of the classic '90s game uses augmented reality through your phone's camera to show you a Pokémon near you based on your GPS. When you see the Pokémon, you shoot a Poké Ball to capture it. But honestly, it sounds easier than it really is!

It makes us feel better that celebrities are also equally confused and addicted by this phenomenon.

Take a look at supermodel Chrissy Teigen's initial reservation about downloading the app and her adventures into trying it out.

But then she caught one!

Comedian Trevor Noah reassured Chrissy that she's not too old to be playing the game.

Just like the rest of us, he had to take a walk in the park to find some.

For "Dancing With the Stars" Season 22 champ Nyle DiMarco, catching his first Pokémon was a proud moment to tweet about!

Actress Valerie Bertenelli even took a picture of her first!

Caught my first #Pokemon! 😜 #dontjudge

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Then there's this video that feels all too real. Actor Max Carver shared an Instagram moment of his brother and friend looking for Pokémon at 8 A.M. in Toulouse, France.

A jet lagged @charliecarver & @the_ryan_kelley hunting #Pokemon at 8 am in the morning. 😂

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"This is a sad, sad day," he says as they don't see any while they walk down the street. We all know the feeling, Max!

In spite of the game's frustrations, it has been a way for people to connect and gain some exercise in the process.

Who would have thought that all we needed was a Pikachu to bring us all together?

After all, it's the hardest to find!