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Her voice can't go on! Celine Dion has been forced to cancel her third consecutive concert in a row due to a viral infection.

The diva has been ordered by doctors to rest her voice and not perform at her wildly popular Las Vegas show at Caesars Palace.

Due to her illness, Celine canceled shows on Nov. 5, Nov. 8 and the upcoming show on Nov. 9. There is speculation that there could be future cancellations, too.

"Doctors who ordered her confined to bed and were treating her throat infection had hoped to clear her in time for Wednesday's concert, but now that also has been scrapped," the Las Vegas Review-Journal said.

Her next show is set for Nov. 11 and is still scheduled to take place at this point, but everything depends on her voice and whether doctors give her the green light to take the stage.

According to the Las Vegas newspaper each night Celine's show is canceled, Caesars Palace refunds or exchanges more than $1.3 million in tickets.

The superstar, who performs about 70 shows each year in Vegas, rarely cancels her concerts. Prior to this week, the last time she took time off was following the death of her husband René Angélil in February, in which she canceled her Caesars shows and an Asian tour.

In her first show back after Rene's death, Celine called it "the most difficult show that I have done in my whole life."

When she returns to the stage this time, it certainly won't be as emotional. Still, fans will drive all night to get to Celine, no matter when the next show takes place.