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Charlie Sheen's money woes have hit a crisis point. But he's now getting a little relief.

The controversial star, whose history of ups and downs with his ex-wives is well-documented, has struck a deal with Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller to slash his child-support payments, reports TMZ.

Both women have reportedly agreed to accept less than half of what they were getting before Charlie's financial health took a nose dive earlier this year, not long after he started addressing various legal claims in the wake of his 2015 revelation that he's HIV-positive.

Denise, 45, has daughters Sam, 12, and Lola, 11, with Charlie, 50. Brooke, 39, is the mother of his 7-year-old twin boys Bob and Max.

Sources told TMZ that both his exes have agreed to accept around $25,000 a month instead of the $55,000 they'd been getting since Charlie -- once the highest-paid actor on television during his "Two and a Half Men" sitcom days -- is now making "next to nothing," TMZ reports.

The reason Denise and Brooke have been so accommodating?

They knew that if Charlie went to court to ask for a reduction in child support, reports TMZ, the judge would have cut his payments to just $10,000 a month.

To sweeten the deal, the site adds, Charlie "threw in some real estate for Brooke and Denise and committed to doing a show with Denise."

Charlie is currently liquidating his assets as he faces legal claims related to his HIV diagnosis, TMZ added.

In May, American Express sued Charlie for an unpaid balance of $287,879.28, which was due back on March 12, 2016.