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In the wake of Stone Temple Pilots founder Scott Weiland's death on Dec. 3, a member of his band, Scott Weiland and The Wildabouts, was arrested for possession of cocaine, which police reportedly found on the tour bus where Scott died.

Now, TMZ is reporting police obtained a search warrant and found a wide variety of other narcotics and illegal substances as well.

Bloomington, Minn., law enforcement tells the website that in addition to two bags of cocaine, they discovered generic Xanax, two kinds of sleeping pills, the painkiller Buprenorphine, Viagra and Ziprasidone, which may have been prescribed to treat Scott's bipolar disorder.

According to TMZ, the drugs were all found in one of the bedrooms on the bus.

Scott's struggle to stay clean had been documented for years, and appeared to have played a part in the dissolution of his first marriage.

In an emotional letter on, Mary Forsberg Weiland i a public plea not to "glorify" her ex's death, asserting that while the teenage children she and Scott shared have been grateful for the outpouring of support that followed their father's untimely death, "the truth is … they lost their father years ago."

Scott remarried in 2013, tying the knot with photographer Jamie Wachtel.

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