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Conrad Hilton has been ordered to enter rehab, and is scheduled to spend at least 90 days in a facility for substance abuse treatment.

Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton's younger brother just narrowly avoided a stint in the slammer, despite authorities asking that the 21-year-old be sent to prison for 60 days.

The City News Service reports that the reasoning behind the suggested prison sentence stem from Conrad's probation violations, failed drug tests and the failure of three treatment programs the heir has already attempted.

Conrad was arrested twice in a span of four months in 2015. The first occurred in February, when he was arrested for threatening passengers and flight attendants aboard an international flight. After he was arrested, he admitted to smoking pot on the plane's bathroom and threatening to kill one of the flight attendants. At that point Conrad entered himself into a rehab facility, and he was sentenced to probation and community service.

His second arrest in 2015 came in June, when he violated a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend, Hunter Salomon. The restraining order was in place after he became obsessive over Hunter and threatened to kill himself after they broke up. Despite the order, Conrad broke into her house that month and was later arrested.

Hopefully this stint in rehab helps keep Conrad out of trouble.