Donnie Wahlberg is officially the king of the cell phone camera! The New Kids On The Block singer broke the Guinness World Record for the most selfies taken in three minutes on October 24 (yes, it's a real thing thing!).

The moment went down during the eighth annual NKOTB cruise. During his record-setting moment, Donnie snapped 122 selfies. For those keeping track at home, that's one selfie every 1.4 seconds.

The Hollywood Reporter captured video of the momentous occasion in which girls lined up to take photos with the singer on his phone. You can see girls stepping up to Donnie while he quickly snaps photos, saying "go, go, go" during the process. Security assists him in getting the girls quickly in front of the camera and, just as quickly, away from Donnie so he can snap another selfie.

"This happened and it's official! @DonnieWahlberg and fans now own the World Selfie Record with @GWR Guinness World Records!" Donnie Wahlberg, 47, tweeted on Monday, along with a video of the Guinness World Record official making the announcement.

He followed it up with another tweet, saying, "Thanks to the best fans in the world for an amazing #NKOTBCruise2016 We did that!" A photo that accompanied the tweet showed him holding up his Guinness certificate.

During the cruise, he said he took roughly 1,600 selfies. He later called himself the "#selfieking" on social media.

"How does one break the @GWR for #selfies?," he tweeted after the accomplishment. "By doing it with the best fans on earth aboard #nkotbcruise."

The previous record holder for selfies was Dwayne Johnson, who snapped 105 selfies in three minutes with fans at the London premiere of San Andreas in May 2015.

While Donnie may be the official selfie record holder, Kim Kardashian West may still have him beat in the unofficial category. In September she said she took 6,000 selfies during a 4-day vacation to Mexico. That's equivalent to 1,500 per day.

Still, thanks to Donnie, the social media gauntlet has been thrown down.