Harry Styles may have drove broken the hearts of girls all over the world when he chopped off his luscious locks on May 6 -- but we still love him regardless.

Here are five reason why we still heart Harry no matter his hair …

1. He cut his hair off for charity

Whoops. #Littleprincesstrust

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Unlike his former bandmate/current foe Zayn Malik, who keeps cutting/dying/buzzing his hair, Harry cut off his famous follicles for a good cause -- he donated the tresses to the Little Princess Trust, a children's charity that takes donated hair and turns it into wigs for kids who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments. OHMYGOSH! OUR HEARTS ARE MELTING!

2. He crushes it in the paisley department


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Not all celebs dare to wear a '60s-style print like paisley -- but heartthrob Harry does, and does so with aplomb. Hot damn, can that Brit wear a bold print?! Whether it's floral, paisley, polka-dot or plaid, Harry's wearing it and Harry's rocking it.

3. He knows good hair inspiration when he sees it

Happy Birthday JMB. The King.

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Harry knows that art is cool and artists with cool hair are even cooler. One time on Instagram the musician honored late Neo-Expressionist painter Jean-Michel Basquiat. A haircut can't change his knowledge of art! We doubt that most of his pop contemporaries have even heard of Basquiat!

4. He has great musical taste

RIP. David Bowie. An icon.

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The Brit knows what's up in the music department and knows what the world lost when David Bowie passed away earlier this year. The 22-year-old clearly has exquisite taste. While the 1D singer may be part of a not-so-serious boyband -- the sexy music man knows that an ever-changing style, like that of the mercurial Bowie is a key to success. Perhaps his next hairstyle will be some type of rainbow glitter bomb or a fire-red dye job to honor Ziggy Stardust? Umm we'd love it!

5. Even if he gets a bad haircut -- he's got his boys to back him up


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Look we get how upsetting it is to think about a shorn Harry Styles … we don't like to think about it either -- it makes our hearts hurt. But as long as he doesn't show up with white boy dreads, he will probably still have that undeniable swagger. And even if on the off chance that the new and yet-to-be seen cut created some type of Sampson effect and he's lost a little bit of his magic, we know he's got a crew of his One Direction pals to back him up. 1D forever!