Judy Eddy / WENN 1 / 9
Judy Eddy / WENN 1 / 9

Next up to the stage, a judge! Joanna Krupa is suing a Florida strip club after it used a partially nude photo of her without her permission.

The ad featuring her photo gives the illusion that the former "Real Housewives of Miami" star dances there, which is not so.

According to the lawsuit, she says Diamond Dolls tricked customers while disseminating her image on their Instagram page, hawking drink specials. TMZ says Joanna and her attorneys say the strip club is destroying her good name with the ad.

According to her lawyers, the club used her image without her knowledge and it has both harmed her reputation and caused serious emotional distress.

Aside from her "Housewives" and modeling fame, Joanna was a head judge of "Poland's Next Top Model."

It's unknown what kind of compensation Joanna is seeking. Let's just hope she's not paid in all $1 bills.