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Garth Brooks had a hilarious reaction to seeing a video of Ashton Kutcher singing his hit "Friends in Low Places" to an Iowa concert crowd: don't quit your day job.

During a Facebook Live interview, the country music God jokingly ribbed the actor after watching a video of him joining singer Thomas Rhett on stage for the infectious and infamous drinking song.

"I have been seeing it going everywhere today, some kind of wild thing with Ashton Kutcher," Garth said before playing the YouTube video on an iPad. "I think they were in Iowa or something. Of course, Thomas decides to invite Kutcher on stage and, of course, what song are they gonna do?"

Garth pushed play and watched the clip, laughing at Ashton and Thomas sing arguably his best known song (and he has a lot of them!) Garth even covered his face laughing and said "that's great" several times while watching.

Toward the end, Ashton starts drinking a beer.

"There you go, there you go," Garth said laughing, adding, "when all else fails, drink."

Once the video was over, the "Unanswered Prayers" singer told a story about Thomas while also assessing Ashton's performance.

"Sweetest story about Thomas Rhett," Garth started, "I'm doing the one man show [in Las Vegas] and this kid stands up to ask a question. I go, 'Holy cow I know this guy,' but it wasn't Rhett, it was his boy, who looks just like him, beautiful kid, just the sweetest guy on the planet."

He then laughed, "Ashton, I don't know what to say, brother, the guys in baseball always told me don't quit your day job, but I don't want to say that."

Clearly loving the Thomas and Ashton's cover, Garth said, "That was awesome. I was just there in Des Moines and I gotta tell you they know how to sing their stuff, so that's great."

Ashton is a well known country music fan and is even buddies with superstar Kenny Chesney.