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Hugh Jackman may play an adamantium-clawed superhero in the movies, but it turns out in real life he's a true hero as well. The Aussie actor helped rescue his son and a number of other beach goers who got caught in a riptide off of Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia on March 25.

The whole incident was caught on camera and has gone viral. In the footage, Jackman pulled a man and a woman he was holding out of the surf. The "X-Men" franchise star then went back for a teenage boy, who is believed to be Jackman's 15-year-old son, Oscar, and helped him from the dangerous waves.

The film star later told other swimmers to come back on to the shore for safety. Wolverine always was our favorite one of the X-Men!

Australian actress Lynzey Murphy was on the scene and told that Jackman helped kids get to safety, explaining, "The water just came up suddenly. [Jackman] just pulled them calmly onto the sandbar." She continued, "He was pretty level headed. If you start freaking out in front of your children it is only going to make it worse. He said thank you … He was lovely."

A rep for the 47-year-old actor said in a statement, "Hugh and Oscar are completely fine. It looks more dramatic than it was."

The athletic actor is currently in OZ with his wife of 20 years, Deborra-Lee Furness, his son and his daughter Ava. The actor and his wife reportedly just purchased a $5.9 million apartment in Bondi Beach and we assume Jackman and the rest of the fam were hoping to enjoy their news digs and the picturesque stretch of Sand on Friday. But instead, the Jackman clan narrowly avoided a potential catastrophe. We're glad they made it out okay!

Jackman is currently back in Sydney to promote his new film "Eddie the Eagle," which tells the the true story of Eddie Edwards, a British ski jumper who made a name for himself when he charmed the world at the 1988 Winter Olympics. The inspiring story also stars Taron Egerton and Tom Costello Jr.