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Judge Pamela Campbell ruled on March 4 that wrestling icon Hulk Hogan will not be allowed to use Erin Andrews' peeping Tom case in his upcoming case at Gawker Media.

Hogan is currently suing the media company for $100 million in damages for publishing a 2012 sex tape of him with his friend Bubba "The Love Sponge" Clem's wife, Heather. The wrestler is claiming that he was not aware that he was being taped during the sexual encounter.

Hogan's lawyers were hoping to include evidence related to ESPN reporter Andrews, who is currently suing the operator of the Nashville Marriott at Vanderbilt University for $75 million for being videotaped while undressing at the hotel in 2008.

Unfortunately for Hogan's legal team, the Florida judge sided with Gawker's lawyers and has ruled to exclude any evidence related to Andrews' trial because she did not want any "confusion on the legal issues" at hand.

Hogan's attorney Charles Harder told "CNN Money" in 2015, "What's interesting is that I get this sense that the public and media are so in favor of Erin Andrews. But for some reason, Hulk Hogan gets treated a different way."

Hogan's lawyers may have experienced a setback with the ruling but did say that they were happy with the voir dire.

Another one of Hogan's lawyer, David Houston, told FOX411, "We are exceptionally happy with the quality of people that showed up for the jury selection process. Not only were they engaged, they were honest and competent. We are lucky to have had so many dedicated individuals from which to choose."

Gawker Media's defense said its case hinges on First Amendment rights.

The company said in a statement, "We are defending the First Amendment against Hulk Hogan's effort to create a world where celebrities can promote themselves around any topic, in this case sex, and then veto how the media covers their lives."

The statement continued, "This tape shows Hulk Hogan having sex with his best friend's wife, and in fact the tape was made by his best friend Bubba who also appears in the video. Hulk Hogan bragged about his sex life for years, denied this particular sexual encounter and now thinks his own choices are worth $100 million somehow."

The sensational trial is believed to last three weeks.