Lesson of the day -- don't bore action star Jean-Claude Van Damme or else he'll walk right out of the room.

That's basically what happened on July 28, during an interview with the Australian talk show "Sunrise."

"The Expendables 2" star was speaking with the show via a video feed from Bangkok about his new speaking tour in the region. But, he quickly grew agitated by the stuff going on behind the scenes, and the interviewer's questions.

Mid-interview he started to complain when he noticed that the crew members were quietly trying to talk about his excessive sweating.

"Guys, you are talking behind the cameras," he chimed in, annoyed. "I'm online talking to you and I have people behind that camera talking about … because I'm sweating and everything."

The 55-year-old explained that his perspiration came from mere boredom -- but you can now see Jean-Claude's meldown on YouTube.

"Those interviews you are giving me on TV right now, they are very boring because the questions are very boring. It's difficult for me to answer those questions so I start to sweat, I don't feel good because they are boring and I knew this," he said.

The interviewer got under Jean-Claude's skin even more with a question about his ex-girlfriend and "Street Fighter" co-star Kylie Minogue.

"The press, they have been asking me the same questions for the last 25 years," he lamented. "How's Kylie? How's the training? How's your this? How's your that?"

Finally, enough was enough. Jean-Claude unhooked his microphone and excused himself.

"What the f--- is going on with Australia," he quipped before exiting.

Some say that even bad press is good press, but we're not sure how Australia will feel about Jean speaking there on a tour after this.