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It's been years since Jenelle Evans has seen or heard from her biological father and she said she has some "daddy issues" from the absence.

It's not a secret that the "Teen Mom 2" star has had her fair share of problems judging by the many, many arrests, and on her new website, she said her father's Houdini act had an affect on her. But, she's still wants to forge a relationship with him.

In a blog post titled "Daddy Issues," Jenelle tells the tale of how it went wrong with her, her siblings and their father. People often wonder why her biological father isn't in her life.

"For some reason my siblings and my mother always had a sour attitude towards my father and I had no idea why. Later on I found out there was a huge reason behind that. I'll save that for my book," she said, adding that she didn't harbor the same ill will toward him and that she was always "daddy's little girl."

"My mother and father never got along, and I don't remember, but there was always arguing and physical altercations in my household growing up," she said.

Her parents eventually divorced.

"We use to have visitation with my father after the divorce, along with my brother and sister tagging along. These visitations lasted for a few years… until my mother met my step-father, Mike," she wrote. "My mother meeting my step-father (to me, I'm guessing) made my father feel like he shouldn't even be involved anymore."

She continued, "The last time I saw my father, I was expecting him to come pick all three of us up from the house. My step-father was standing on the porch with us waiting which I honestly feel like my mother did on purpose. A few minutes later I saw my own father drive past the house after seeing my step-dad standing on the porch. He didn't stop to pick us up for our visit. I was torn into pieces."

After her family moved to North Carolina she heard from him for the the first time in a long time after he called.

Jenelle wrote: "I asked my father where he's been and he said, 'Home. How are you?' and I said 'Good, when are you coming to visit me?' and my mom grabbed the phone and said, 'We can set something up, but you need to come here.'"

That was the last she and her biological father spoke.

"To this day I have no idea whether it was the best choice for me to cut ties with him, like my mother tried to make me do, or if my father just didn't want anything to do with us anymore," she wrote in her heart wrenching post. "This thought is always on my mind, but until I get to speak to him, it will never be answered. Maybe one day we will reconnect once again."

In her blog, she even sort of defends him, despite him cutting ties with his children and despite the "physical altercations" with her mother, as she calls them. She later said, "Love you daddy."

Sounds like there is hope for a reconciliation.