To say it's been an eventful couple weeks for Jonathan Rhys Meyers would be an understatement. In mid-December, he became a father for the first time after his lady love gave birth to a boy, whom they named Wolf Rhys Meyers.

But, it appears that "The Tudors" star may have actually gotten secretly married, as well. In fact, his longtime love Mara Lane even slyly shared the news weeks ago on social media, but few seemed to catch on.

Around the time Mara announced that she and Jonathan were expecting a baby, she posted a side by side image of her passport -- one appeared to an older passport, while the other appeared to be newer. While the focus of the Instagram pic is certainly on the photo and Mara's chaining looks, her surname can easily be seen as reading "Rhys," meaning that she legally had to have changed the last name, likely by way of marriage. At the bottom of the image, "Meyers" can be seen, as well.

Of course, the passport office wouldn't change a last name unless this was her actual legal name.

She didn't mention the name change in her caption.

Just a few weeks before that, though, she referred to Jonathan as her "husband" in hashtags while sharing a collage of them after seeing the play "Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime."

She wrote, "My favorite play this year. What was yours? #curiousincident #curiousincidentofthedoginthenighttime with my #BestFriend #HeartsKeeper #Husband #Lover #Brother #Father #Son #Partner #SoulMate πŸ’• Thank you for your Love πŸ™πŸ™Œ."

Congrats... probably!