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For the second time this week, Justin Bieber is a suspect in an alleged assault.

The "Sorry" singer is being investigated for allegedly head-butting a man on Feb. 11 at a pre-Grammys party in Los Angeles.

According to TMZ, The Biebs was at L.A. hotspot Serafina where his friend was hosting a party. There, Justin was "play fighting" with Kyle Massey when he realized someone was recording the action (TMZ claims it was a member of the restaurant staff, but a rep for Serafina says it was not.) Justin supposedly told the man to stop recording and delete the video.

The alleged victim refused as other people began recording. Justin then allegedly lunged at the man, the report says.

An employee reportedly called the police and said that crime was an assault, via a head-butt. Justin left the premises by the time police arrived.

TMZ says police are investigating the matter as a misdemeanor battery even though the man has said he doesn't want to press charges.

"We always have a pleasant experience with Mr. Bieber whenever he comes to Serafina," a rep for the restaurant told TMZ.

On Feb. 15, it was reported that Justin was also the suspect in another assault case, this one from a last June in Cleveland.

In that case, a man alleges that the singer grabbed his sunglasses in a hotel in downtown Cleveland. The guy says he took a picture of Justin with the shades, which sent the singer into a rage. He says Justin's crew also got involved in the ruckus.

The alleged victim says he went to the hospital with various injuries, including a concussion.

He claimed that he's been trying to settle with Justin since last June, but isn't getting anywhere with that, so he filed a police report.

Video of the fight, obtained by TMZ via Snapchat last year, showed a large man and Justin face-to-face in a heated conversation. At one point, the man appears to lightly smack Justin on the head and the "Sorry" singer loses his cool, unleashing a right handed fist at the man's face.