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Apparently barely legal is barely a problem when you are legendary man-eater Kate Moss!

The supermodel has reportedly ditched her 28-year-old boyfriend, Count Nikolai von Bismarck, for an 18-year-old, Jake Curtis, according to the Daily Mail. And check this -- he isn't just an ordinary inappropriately aged plaything, he is the son of her friend, "Love Actually" film director Richard Curtis and his partner Emma Freud.

Kate and the couple, whom she apparently refers to as her "intellectual friends," have been photographed together at a number of parties and social gatherings over the years. We can only imagine that means Kate's known Jake since he was a wee one. Creepy!

But now it seems as though Jake's grown up (at least in the eyes of the law) -- and Kate is snatching him up as only a cougar can!

On May 23, Kate and the teen were spotted zooming around together through the Cotswolds in England in a vintage MG Midget sports car. Certainly more than a few eyebrows were raised after photographs emerged of the 42-year-old model and the boytoy on their joy ride the English countryside.

But it might not be such a bad thing that she and the Count broke up, seeing as how the notable party animal has admitted that he drinks cow's blood for breakfast. Umm how about just some Wheaties or a bagel and cream cheese or milk?

As for Jake and Kate -- well their worlds couldn't be more different -- Jake just finished up at $33K-a-year private school, St Paul's, in London, England -- and Kate is well ... Kate Moss, so that means she basically lives a life of yachts and more yachts.

But there is one thing that's similar -- both are free agents right now! Jake is doing his gap year (which means he's taking a year off before going to university) and Kate's suddenly single. Idle hands are the devil's workshop …

Jake has said "no comment" when asked about his super fling with the supermodel, but it seems as though his older sister isn't being so tight lipped. Scarlett Curtis took to Facebook to presumably tease her brother about the romance, posting, "They say gap years are all about finding yourself, about discovering who you really are, and it appears Jake Curtis has finally found his true self…"

Talk about falling into the gap ... hey oh!

The supermodel has been linked to a bevy of men during her storied fashion career and in an odd turn of events, she's even been rumored to have been with Jake's great uncle, painter Lucian Freud, who painted a nude portrait of the model 15 years ago while she was pregnant with her daughter, Lila Grace.

Oh what a tangled web Kate Moss weaves!

Previously, the infamous Brit married Jamie Hince, a British guitarist for the band The Kills, in 2011. The couple appears to still be legally married but Kate's been photographed out and about with several different dudes -- so the marriage seems all but caput.

Lucky for her new little lover, the lady is on the prowl. Rawr!