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Spanx you, times two!

Kim Kardashian West knows that eyes are all-too-often on her body when she leaves the house, and she consistently seems to look fab. We now know that she has a little help in keeping her curvy shape.

"Sometimes I wear two pairs of body shapers on top of each other—especially when I am heavier I def double it up," she said on her subscribers-only website and app. "My favorite styles are the Body Wrap shorts and the Spanx footless tights"

Kim detailed how she doubles up the body shapers, and she definitely has a system to wearing Spanx.

"I put one pair on after the other, and if there's a longer pair, I always put those on first. But usually, I wear two pairs that are the same length," she said. "I try not to layer two different lengths, because I don't want there to be visible seams; I want there to always just be one seam."

The rules change when she shows a little leg.

"The shorter shorts, I only wear with a short dress, instead of underwear basically," she said. "But I prefer the super high-waisted shorts that come all the way down to my knee."

One body shaping no-no, though, is when the Spanx show, Kim said. But, the body shaper showing is about to be a thing of the past for her.

"I just recently got introduced to the footless tights, which I can wear with longer dresses like this—so you'll NEVER see my Spanx line because the seam is lower," she wrote. "I typically like them past the knee or right at the knee."

North's mom ended her post about Spanx (or similar products) by saying, "They really hold you in and make you feel secure!" She then encouraged fans to shop her favorite styles, proving that she's always a businesswoman.

Last week, Kim spoke about what she's learned over the years as a businesswoman and entrepreneur.

At the beginning when she set out to build her empire, she admits, "I didn't necessarily see the vision at the beginning, but I figured it out as I went along. It's just not an overnight thing. You are going to make mistakes and learn so much along the way, so the learning process is always really interesting."

For whatever mistakes she'll make, her husband Kanye West will be right by her side.

"I think my husband is my biggest supporter, as far as building confidence," she says. "I always do whatever I want, and he inspires me to be confident at it."