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Lena Dunham wasn't always the super confident force that she is today, especially when it pertained to her looks.

"I definitely had looong phases of hating my body—I would starve myself, binge, dye my hair insane colors," she said. "Even some of my tattoos came from this deep desire to change. But once I started doing work I loved, I felt my body was my tool, the way to reach my goals, and I am so determined to keep it healthy as long as I can and embrace what it can do!"

Lena's comments come from an interview she did with Khloe Kardashian, which was featured on her subscription-based website and app. Among the many things discussed was her appearance, her fiance, Jack Antonoff, and why Lupita N'Yongo needs to get a restraining order against her.

She also discussed her workout routine, but she says she isn't always gung ho about it.

"I go in and out of routines and I would not say exercise is my strong suit—I've always been physically lazy since I was a baby and never even crawled, just rolled!" she said. "I always came up with excuses to skip gym class. My favorite form of exercise I've found is Tracy Anderson Method, because it's all about finding your strength and enjoying music. And I love to dance so much—I consider myself a (privately) very brilliant dancer."

Lena's appearance is often a topic in the media. If it were up to her, her look would be different, at least on top. When asked if she's ever thought about growing her hair out, she said she was trying.

"I love the ease of short hair and also the confidence it projects," she said. "I learned I couldn't hide behind anything, and to really embrace my face and body. But now I constantly wish I could throw it back into a ponytail or experiment with braids and waves. The growing out process isn't smooth and it involves a lot of bobby pins but it's happening!"

To be fair, Lena's fiance seems to like her just the way she is, short hair or long hair.

"My man is the cutest of them all," she gushed to Khloe. "This year I watched the Grammys from our bed at home and he was performing with Taylor Swift and I knew that even if I'd never met him I'd think, 'Who is that stud?'"

That being said, she also crushes on Tom Hardy, whom she says is "so handsome that it's almost too much. It's rude."

Her crushes aren't only for men though.

"Lupita N'Yongo will tell you I'm basically her stalker," Lena joked, "and she'd be right to take out a restraining order on me."