You gotta hand it to Ludacris -- he knows how to make it a memorable family movie night!

The rapper rented out an entire movie theater for his family so that they could enjoy a movie without bothering other people or being bothered. That's one cool dad!

The "Southern Hospitality" rapper took to Instagram on Feb. 19 to post a snap of the almost vacant theater. Along with the image, Luda wrote, "Sometimes you have to rent the entire movie theater out for your fam and babies to yell and disrupt the movie in peace #nowthatsludicrous."

We don't think that's ludicrous at all -- if we had the kind of cash that he had -- we'd be renting out movie theaters for our friends and family on the reg!

Although we think his move was a fun one, a number of Instagram commenters weren't in love with his over-the-top theater buy out.

One commenter wrote,Β "Just bootleg the movie and watch it at home lol $5 dollars at the most." Another suggested, "Or you could get a home theater, but that's not my problem."

Judging from what we know about the entertainer, the family man sounds like he was surrounded by a lot of ladies in the theater. The 38-year-old, who was born Christopher Bridges, has been married to Eudoxie Mbouguiengue since 2015. The couple have one baby girl, who was born in June 2015. He also has two other daughters, Karma and Cai, from previous relationships.