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One of the best moments of Chris Hardwick and Lydia Hearst's relationship was based off of a lie.

In September 2015, Chris took home an Emmy Award for the Best Creative Achievement in Interactive Media for his show "@midnight." Lydia thought that the evening was all about Chris. She was wrong.

"I was trying to celebrate him because he won one of the Creative Arts Emmys. So I wanted to celebrate and he said that there was sort of an afterparty up in one of the penthouses," she told Wonderwall.com at Vanity Fair and the Fiat Brand's Young Hollywood Celebration in West Hollywood, California, on Feb. 23.

"Obviously I said, yes, we need to go because it's your big night," she continued. "Then he tricked me."

A romantically deviant Chris said, "I had flowers -- I was just like throwing a bunch of flowers all over the floor. So we walked in the room and there was flowers everywhere. I was like, 'I totally lied to you.' And I dropped down and asked her to marry me."

The model-actress was shocked, to say the least, but maybe she shouldn't have been. The wheels seemed to be in motion early on, and everyone knew it.

A friend of Chris' initially persuaded him to ask out Lydia. His mom saw a future with the two of them, as well.

"Even before we started dating, my mom was like, 'This is the one,'" he said, telling his fiance. "She saw you on the KTLA Morning News and was like, 'That Lydia is a winner. She's a gem, and you need to make it happen.' I'm like, 'Shut up, Mom, I'm working on it.'"

For Chris, he said he knew that Lydia was the "the one" about six months into their relationship and he started ring shopping.

"You can pretend to be someone for about six months to another person. You have this fake image that you hold up of yourself and then the cracks start to show," he said. "So then the flaws come out and she accepted all of the flaws without even blinking. I was already crazy about her. You just know."

As for the wedding, though, a lot still remains unknown.

"Oh gosh, we're six months away," Lydia said, but added that her dress will be designed by Christian Siriano.

"I just gave him basic ideas of things that I thought were really beautiful and I trust him," she said. "He and I have been friends for years so I know he's going to make something beautiful."