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Taylor Swift can rest a little easier after a longtime stalker of hers was arrested in Texas.

Frank Andrew Hoover was busted on Thursday in Austin for violating a protective order that required him to stay 500 feet from Taylor.

According to TMZ, police documents indicate that he had been harassing Taylor and her family for months leading up to an Oct. 22 concert at a Formula 1 race in Austin. Following the show, Franke allegedly tailed her motorcade from the race track to the airport. There a private jet was waiting for Taylor and her parents.

Quickly, Taylor's bodyguards noticed Frank, who they were familiar with, as he'd already allegedly stalked her before. They asked what he was doing there, likely because Taylor already had a protective order against him.

"He said he was there to get a pic and 'possibly accompany Taylor wherever she goes,'" TMZ said, adding that bodyguards told police that he got within 25 to 50 feet of the singer's car.

For months, leading up to the concert, Frank had been hounding Taylor's dad with emails, allegedly sending one that said, "Without her, I walk the earth alone forever and she'll continue to experience failed relationships that break her heart."

In all, the arrest report said over 30 emails were sent. While most of the emails spoke of his infatuation with Taylor, the affidavit said he also wrote about topics such as "earthquakes, God, Satan's lies, forgiveness, job opportunities and partnership."

According to the affidavit, the emails "began escalating into threats."

Frank was arrested for repeated violation of the protective order, a third-degree felony. He's being held on $100,000 bail.

Local reports out of Austin said police actually arrived on the scene the night of Oct. 22, but by the time they got there, Taylor's plane had left and Frank was not arrested. Later, though, they spoke with Taylor's people and realized Frank had come too close to the singer. Authorities also spoke to an employee at the airport, who said Frank was asking questions that "seemed out of place."

After hearing all that, Frank became a wanted man.