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Mariah Carey doesn't do anything by halves. And splitting from Australian billionaire businessman James Packer is no exception.

While reports of excessive spending, jealousy, money demands and more craziness have emerged in the wake of the former couple's broken engagement over the last week, the latest report is just as bananas.

According to TMZ, there's no truth to stories that Mariah, 47, might have been unfaithful to her fiance with dancer-choreographer Bryan Tanaka -- because Mimi doesn't believe in premarital sex.

Sources close to Mariah told TMZ that Mariah's reputation as a "traditional girl" is legit -- and that she wouldn't ruin that for anyone, including James.

TMZ reports that event though Mariah and James, 49, lived together and spent weeks at a time together on his yacht during their romance, they never had sex and even kept separate rooms in their homes and on their boats.

Mariah's estranged husband Nick Cannon backed up that claim a few years ago. Despite Mariah's public persona as a sexpot, she's someone who wanted to wait, he explained.

"The first time I made love to my wife was on our wedding night," Nick said in 2014. "That's a real woman there, make you wait till you got married. Seriously, 100 percent."

Nick's also admitted that during his six-year marriage to Mariah, they would often get intimate while Mariah's own music was playing.

"[Mariah] didn't like the fact that I told the world that we have sex to her music, but it was true!" he told Amber Rose on her talk show in August.

"Can you imagine having sex with Mariah Carey while Mariah Carey is playing in the back?" Nick added. "That is a dream come true. Sorry, Mariah. I said I wasn't going to say that again." (But he did!)

Mariah and James' split has inspired a slew of other eyebrow-raising rumors in recent days.

Earlier this week, TMZ published a report alleging the diva is demanding that James pay her $50 million following their breakup.

"She claims he got her to move from New York to L.A., uprooting her entire life, so he could be near his kids," TMZ reported on Oct. 28, adding that James also allegedly made "financial promises" to her.

The former couple's camps have also been busy blaming the moguls' alleged mental health issues.

"James has not been in a mentally healthy place and has not been present for Mariah or her family," a Mariah source told People magazine after the breakup news made headlines. "His behavior was not a desirable situation for Mariah so she unfortunately had to leave him."

But a source close to James said he's far from mentally unstable and it's Mariah who has "issues."

"[It's] typical Mariah to just twist things that don't sound good to her. They split because she has issues," the source said.

"James is definitely an oddball, but a brilliant, great guy," the source continued. "Mariah has had mental breakdowns in the past. She hasn't been acting very mentally stable lately. To put her issues on James is ridiculous."

The saga continues...