"Martin" star Tommy Ford has died in an Atlanta hospital after an aneurysm ruptured in his abdomen. He was on life support before passing.

Earlier in the day, conflicting reports indicated the actor had passed away, but his family told TMZ that Tommy was still alive at the time, but added that his health was declining.

The actor, who famously played "Tommy" in the popular '90s sitcom, was hospitalized on Sunday.

Earlier on Wednesday, pal Anthony Anderson tweeted that Tommy had passed, creating confusion, but he took down the tweet.

He was surrounded by family when he passed. He was 52.

Tommy starred in all five seasons of "Martin." In addition to the sitcom, Tommy had roles on "New York Undercover" and "The Parkers." According to his official website, he was in the process of filming a documentary.

According to Tommy's Instagram, he was battling health issues before the rupture in his abdomen. In late September, he shared photos with his nearly 26,000 followers that showed him in the hospital.

"I'm having a Knee Replacement surgery this morning. Please keep me in your prayers! Love you all! #kneereplacement #surgeryday #tommyford #earlymorning," he said.

A week later, he shared an image of himself getting physical therapy on his knee.

"Hey Family...I thank you all for all your prayers...God heard you!!!," he wrote. "My doctor was a little surprised that I was stronger than anticipated for an old fat fart replacing a knee. He said he knew the knee was bad but after opening me up it was much worse than he thought, but God is good!

"I passed the test and was released a day earlier! I'm in a little pain which is expected after a major surgery but I started [therapy] this morning and on my way to recovery! Thanks for your prayers and words of encouragement! Love y'all!!! #thepowerofprayer #kneereplacement #recovery #therapy #blessed #newday #godisgood."

Just as news was breaking of the passing, Martin posted a photo of he and Tommy. He wrote, "Prayers for my brother @bigtommyford that the Lord watches over him and his family thru this difficult time #Blessings #PrayersUp."

RIP, Tommy.