MayBaby is all about inspiring young women.

The 21-year-old YouTuber's named Meg DeAngelis came into Wonderwall's studios for "The New Wave" photoshoot and talked all things about "It's a Girl Thing," a series on her channel.

"It's just like, a series a of awkward moments leading up to my birthday party and it's the first scripted series I've done on my channel -- scripted anything really because sketches I kind of make up as a go along," she explains. "It was so fun to film, it was something completely different."

How it was different from her typical fashion and lifestyle topic videos that reach more than 5 million subscribers?

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"I'm working with an entire crew and with my videos it's just me and sometimes one or two other people," she says. "But with directing, it's basically like you can never turn off for a second. It forces you to be in the moment and getting stuff done for all 12 hours that you're there, and then you can turn off at the end of the day."

For MayBaby, YouTube videos come easy, because she maintains a lanky list of ideas.

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"I have a long list that I made a few years ago, I literally wrote out hundreds," she says. "So most are on there somewhere, but if I'm out and about and I see a picture or something, inspiration can come from anywhere."

And she is using YouTube as a platform to inspire, too.

"I've been trying, lately anyway, to incorporate things that I think that are important or things that I think girls need to hear. And I try to just throw them in videos and I'm proud that I started doing that," she continues.

"I think I started like, a year ago because I realized it was fun to make content and my YouTube videos were, fun to make, but pretty mindless to watch. I felt like no one could really take anything from them, so I wanted to slide in important thoughts here and there. I'm proud of that."

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MayBaby has starred in a YouTube red film called "Dance Camp" and is currently collaborating with PBTeen DIY series titled "Revved Up Rooms."