Apparently Kim Kardashian West isn't the only celebrity who has faced a traumatic experience in Paris.

During an interview on the "Wendy Williams Show," Naomi Campbell said she experienced a life and death moment.

'I sympathize with [Kim] a lot because I kept mine on the down-low, but in 2012 I was attacked in Paris," she revealed. "They followed me from the airport. They attacked me. They opened my car door and said, 'Naomi Campbell, we're going to kill you.' I didn't make it so public, I didn't want it to be."

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The legendary supermodel says she felt something was amiss from the moment she touched down in The City of Light, having taken a flight from Switzerland to Paris.

"I went to the car and it wasn't my normal driver, and it was weird 'cause he had the windows rolled down and the car smelled of this weird perfume. All the windows were rolled down it was November … I was like, 'Wait a minute, this is weird,'" she said, adding that she was there to visit her pal, fashion designer Azzedine Alaïa.

The driver, she said, was in on the attack.

"Thank God it was outside Azzedine Alaïa's shop because that's where you get the entrance to get into the house, because they came out and saved me, basically," she said. "In the interim, you decide in a very split moment. I don't know if I'd ever do this again in hindsight: 'Am I going to let this guy take my bag with all my passports or am I going to fight for it?' And my decision was, 'I am not letting my bag go.'"

An underground crime ring has been happening for years in Paris, she claims.

"I very much sympathize with [Kim] and I felt for her right away," Naomi said.

Oddly, Naomi was with Kim in Paris two days before the "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star was robbed at gunpoint.


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See Naomi describe the incident below: