Hello, doctor!

Former television doctors Patrick Dempsey and Matt LeBlanc are hanging out together on the set of British TV show "Top Gear" -- and we have to say, these two really rev are engines! (Do you get the joke?! 'Cause "Top Gear" is about cars and we're making a car pun about how hot these actors are! Do you get it?! Okay … you do. Good.)

On Friday, June 24, Matt captioned the Instagram snap of the salt-and-pepper duo, "Look who showed up at @topgear yesterday to drive the rally car. @patrickdempsey Good to see you buddy."

Look who showed up at @topgear yesterday to drive the rally car. @patrickdempsey Good to see you buddy.

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For those of you who have had their heads in the sand for the last few decades, Patrick used to play Dr. Derek Shepherd, a.k.a McDreamy, on "Grey's Anatomy" (that is before he got killed off … can we please stop talking about that now because we are so not over it yet), while Matt rose to fame for his role as failed actor Joey Tribbiani, who finally nabbed a gig on a soap opera as Dr. Drake Ramoray, on the beloved NBC sitcom "Friends."

How you doin', Patrick and Matt? It looks like you doin' well!

In addition to being actors who've played doctors on the small screen, Patrick and Matt also have a shared love of automobiles. When not in front of the camera, Patrick (whom you may remember from his tour de force "Lover Boy" in the '80s) is a race car driver. In 2013, he appeared in the miniseries "Racing Le Mans," and at the time, the 50-year-old talked about loving the rush that racing gives him -- and that acting does not.

While promoting the documentary series, the "Bridget Jones' Baby" actor told Today.com, "Work on a TV show doesn't change. In a race, it changes constantly, every lap, every corner, every moment of that day. And that's very exciting. It keeps me alive." (Well unless Shonda Rhimes kills you off that is …)

Similarly, Matt has a need for speed. "Anything with an engine in it, pretty much, I've been a fan of since I was a kid," the actor told Vulture in May, before his debut as the new host of "Top Gear," which airs on the BBC Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.