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Queen Elizabeth II is one social media savvy senior citizen!

The 89-year-old is getting super 2016 with her technology and recently backed an upgrade of the Buckingham Palace's main web site, British Monarchy, People magazine reports.

The site relaunched on Thursday with a greater emphasis on social media. The new site links to the sites for Prince Charles, Prince William, Prince Harry and Duchess Kate.

"She's always been conscious of improving the ways we communicate the work of the royal family," a palace source told the magazine. "She's been an enthusiastic supporter of social media since the early days of it."

News that Queen Elizabeth II has her fingers on the pulse of new-aged communication perhaps shouldn't come as a surprise. Last year she said she chats with her grandkids via Skype! (She's also good for the occasional Instagram photobomb!)

The purpose of the relaunched site is to make it relevant for mobile use. The Queen, who turns 90 on April 21, saw the new site earlier in the week and approved of it.

"The home of the Royal Family," site comes eight years after the initial site was launched and operates alongside - and shows off more prominently - the family's social media accounts.

About 12 million people view the main site every year, according to palace statistics.

It is "particularly important to upgrade its connection via mobile in communicating with the Commonwealth (the loosely-based voluntary body of 53 countries connected with Britain and in some cases having the Queen as head of state) where nearly 60 percent of the population is under the age of 30," the palace says.

A Buckingham Palace spokesperson told People, "The public expect to be able to engage with the role and work of the Queen and the Royal Family in ways they are familiar with. The new royal.uk site is more flexible in terms of accessibility, visually engaging in its appeal, easier to navigate and search, and is more interactive.

"It is also much easier to update regularly with content from numerous sources including charities and members of the public who benefit from their work."