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"Real Housewives of NY" star Carole Radziwill's boyfriend is lucky to be a alive after surviving a plane crash in Iowa.

Adam Kenworthy was with his 65-year-old dad, who was flying the plane, and luckily both walked away relatively unscathed.

TMZ reports that the father and son made a crash landing on May 19. Prior to the crash, Adam's father reported engine problems just before the plane went down on a hillside. A local news station said the front end of the plane was destroyed.

Adam was released from the hospital a few hours after the crash. He reportedly suffered several abrasions. His father seems to be fine, as well.

On Thursday, Adam, who is a chef, posted an Instagram video from the air, so it's certainly very likely that that was the plane that crashed. He captioned the video to indicate he was flying from New York to Iowa.

"Adam was very lucky," Carole said in a statement Friday afternoon. "He walked away from the crash. He was admitted to the hospital right afterwards and released last night. He is doing well."

Carole and Adam began dating after meeting on camera on "RHONY" during the 7th season. Adam, who at 29 is much younger than Carole, was a chef at a party being hosted at LuAnn de Lesseps' home. Carole, 52, saw the good-looking charmer and was immediately smitten.

Since then LuAnn has been publicly critical of Carole dating a man 23 years her junior. Adam dated LuAnn's niece before dating Carole.

Carole couldn't care less about LuAnn's thoughts.

"Hell will freeze over before I care what LuAnn thinks of my dating life," Carole told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live about her one-time friend last May. She continued, "Our philosophies are very different. She likes variety. Young, old, married, single. And I don't roll that way."