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Casting a ballot for country! Singing superstar Tim McGraw has said in the past that he may take his talents to politics, and it's sounds like he's starting to give the idea just a little more thought.

Granted, you won't see his name on a ballot this time around or perhaps next, but there could be a time when the "Humble and Kind" singer dips his toes into the political arena.

"I've been fortunate in my career and I probably wouldn't have been able to do the things that I've done, and had the success that I've had, and come from where I come from, in any other country than this country," he told Big Machine Label Group, according to Fox News. "It's a great country. You always wanna look at ways that you can give back."

The timing of a potential run for office would have to be right and he previously said that he wouldn't entertain the thought until his three girls are grown (Grace is 19, Maggie is 18 and Audrey is 14).

"I'd have a lot more learning to do to be able to do that," he said in 2014 of running for office. "I'd have to be a lot more educated and learn a lot more things about policies and things like that."

The whole will-he-run question began in 2011 when Tim appeared on "Fox and Friends" and was asked if rumors were true that he wanted to run for Governor or Tennessee.

"I think 'I'd like to run' is probably sort of a rumor. I'm from Louisiana so politics always fascinate me. It's sort of like a national pastime where I grew up. You know, you never say no to anything."

In that same interview he joked that he would certainly wait for his girls to age so that he "wouldn't worry about any kind of skeletons that might pop up."

When asked if he'd like to share any of those skeletons on national TV, he said, "No, thank you. I'm a guy. We don't pull those things out until we're forced to."