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Former "The Voice" contestant Juliet Simms was escorted off a plane by police after she and her husband got into a physical confrontation while airborne, and the FBI are now looking into the case.

TMZ is reporting that the former "The Voice" runner-up and her husband, Andrew Biersack, were on an American Airlines flight from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Los Angeles when they stated fighting. The website spoke to witnesses who said Juliet hit her husband in the face during a very loud argument.

Flight attendants reportedly warned them to calm down, which they did temporarily. However, 20 minutes after the warning, the couple started feuding again in their first class seats and had to be separated.

TMZ has video of Juliet continuing to lash out and being restrained by an air marshal, who handcuffed her. But even that didn't get her to calm down.

"I did nothing wrong here," she can be heard saying. "I defended myself against my husband and I've been ridiculed. I would like to exit."

She can also be heard alleging that Andrew broke her ribs.

Once the plane landed, police officers entered the plane and detained the singer and handed her over to FBI officials, as they have jurisdiction since the fight was in the air at the time of the altercation. She was questioned and released.

Technically it's still an open case.

TMZ says they spoke with both Juliet and Andrew and everything is now fine between them and they are chalking up the incident to alcohol. Apparently he wasn't drinking, but Juliet was -- after being sober for several months.

Oddly, porn star Mary Carey was onboard but didn't know who Juliet was. She claimed that Juliet was boozing pretty hard and even passed out at one point.

"The people around her kept rolling their eyes and saying how annoying she was," Mary said, adding that Juliet was "screaming that she lost a baby last week."

"She was saying that I'm the only celebrity on this plane and they're only doing this because I'm a celebrity," Mary said.

On Oct. 30, Juliet posted several photos to Instagram of her and her husband together.