Ben Affleck Dating 'Another Mystery Blonde' In Addition To Shauna Sexton?

Ben Affleck is not dating "another mystery blonde" in addition to Playboy model Shauna Sexton, despite a false report. Gossip Cop can debunk the claim. It's simply not the case.


Last week, an unidentified woman was seen entering Affleck's home in Los Angeles, prompting Woman's Day to assume she's a love interest. An alleged insider tells the magazine, "There's talk Ben could have more than one girlfriend on the go now. It certainly wouldn't surprise anyone, because he was intent on playing the field when his previous relationship with Lindsay Shookus broke down."

The report is inaccurate from the start. People magazine, a much more reliable celebrity news outlet than Woman's Day, reported that Affleck and Shookus split because of their long-distance relationship. The reputable publication further noted that the breakup "was amicable." There was no cheating involved and he wasn't chasing other women.

Still, the outlet's supposed source continues, "What Ben loves so much about Shauna is she doesn't put any pressure on him and lets him be himself. If he wants to step out with other girls or at least enjoy their company, that's fine by her, apparently." The questionable tipster adds, "She's happy to play this at whatever pace he sets, and he's taking full advantage!"

However, the unreliable tabloid fails to mention that the "mystery blonde" seen at Affleck's home was accompanied by a man. Gossip Cop checked in with the actor's rep for clarification, and we've learned the unidentified man is someone he met in rehab, and the woman is the man's girlfriend. Affleck isn't dating "another mystery blonde," despite the tabloid jumping to conclusions without bothering to do any fact-checking.

Unfortunately, Woman's Day has a habit of making up stories about Affleck's relationship with Sexton. Last month, the outlet alleged that Affleck was ignoring Jennifer Garner's ultimatum to get sober or lose custody of their kids, and only went to rehab to reconnect with the model. The ridiculous article also said the actor was going to pay Sexton $450,000 a month to be his caretaker when he checked out of treatment. A spokesperson qualified to speak on the actor's behalf confirmed the report was "nonsense," much like this latest one.

Meanwhile, Gossip Cop busted the magazine in March for falsely claiming that Affleck had dumped Shookus and moved back in with Garner. As time has shown, that never happened. It's clear the tabloid is clueless when it comes to the actor's personal life.

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