Britney Spears Having Baby After Tour Ends?

Will Britney Spears follow her tour with a pregnancy? A report claims the singer wants to have a baby after she finishes her summer concert series. But Gossip Cop hears her actual future plans differ.

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Heat alleges that after "finding love and settling down" with Sam Asghari, Spears' "ambitions for the future have become simple — she wants a baby, and she wants to do parenting differently this time." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Britney really wants to have one more child. She and Sam are thinking of trying starting after she finishes this tour in a few weeks."

Indeed, Spears' "Piece Of Me Tour" wraps up September 1, though she also has a show scheduled on October 21 to coincide with the U.S. Grand Prix. And when it comes to having another child, "Brit knows there's a time limit, and she'd love to have just one more — hopefully a little girl," contends the untraceable source. The tabloid's alleged tipster continues, "She's come to terms with the fact she could have another boy, but they'd both love a little princess. Sam grew up with three sisters and would love to raise a girl."

Spears, of course, is already a mom to two sons, but the magazine falsely asserts her ex Kevin Federline "has custody" of them. In actuality, Spears has had 50-50 custody of the boys for nearly 10 years. Still, the supposed "insider" maintains, "Britney feels like she missed out on so much with Jayden and Sean… She was so poorly when they were little, and didn't experience their baby and toddler years. She would love the chance to do it all again."

Spears has said at various points over the years that she wants more children, but Gossip Cop is told on background by one of her confidantes that this story is "not true in any regard." That could be because even though her tour is ending soon, her career isn't necessarily slowing down. While it hasn't been officially announced yet, it's been reported that Spears has a new Las Vegas deal that will give her another two-year residency, this time with the Park MGM.

This narrative about a baby, though misguided, is common for the tabloids, as various publications have been trying to give the pop star another child for years. In April, one blog even claimed Spears was three months pregnant but keeping it under wraps. Gossip Cop busted that tale, and time has since proven our reporting was correct. Time will expose this Heat report as false, too.

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