Caitlyn Jenner's Face Falling Off?

"Caitylin's face is falling off," reads the headline of a new tabloid report. And while it's true Caitlyn Jenner has had some plastic surgery as part of her gender confirmation, the former Olympian's face is not "sliding away," as falsely alleged in a magazine. Not only is it clear she's entirely intact in photos, but her rep tells Gossip Cop the premise is "idiotic."


According to NW, ever since she began her transition in 2015, "Jenner has become increasingly hooked on plastic surgery." The outlet further maintains, "Insiders claim that her addiction to fillers, Botox and facelifts has become so extreme that her face actually appears to be 'falling off.'" While the tabloid doesn't mention a single insider by name, instead to push its narrative along it alleges a "source close to" Jenner asserts, "She can't smile and her cheeks and chin look deformed and witch-like."

"Her skin looks… as if it's falling off," contends the same unidentified "source." The anonymous tipster adds, "She's booking even more appointments… She doesn't know when to stop." Jenner, claims the tabloid, has been "pinched and plumped beyond recognition."

The magazine goes on assert, "Friends are fearing she's starting to resemble Jocelyn Wildenstein (aka Catwoman)," a Swiss-born woman who married a billionaire art collector and famously spent millions of dollars on plastic surgery to appear feline-like. After setting that up, an unnamed "spy" is quoted as telling the publication, "Everyone's worried she's going to end up like Catwoman and ruin her face." "The problem is, she's got a major addiction to this stuff as she just can't let go," concludes the untraceable "source."

Actually, there are far more problems with the tabloid's tale. As noted above, Wildenstein went under the knife because she wanted to have cat-like features. Jenner, however, had certain procedures to appear more feminine as part of her transition. There's a big different between those two scenarios. More significantly, Jenner's face is simply not "falling off," as one can witness from a recent photo of her at a charity event (see above).

It bears mentioning the magazine hides behind figures identified only as "insiders," "a source close to," and a "spy." Not one of whom, if they truly exist, is willing to be held accountable for his or her supposed quotations. Conversely, Jenner's rep, who speaks on behalf of the transgender rights activist, tells Gossip Cop on the record that the publication's story is "idiotic."

Contrary to the alleged "source close to" her claiming, "She can't smile," Jenner was all smiles with gal pal Sophia Hutchins before attending the ESPYs. And in a photo Jenner posted to Instagram after seeing the Broadway show, "Straight White Men," she could be seen smiling with one of the play's stars, her friend Kate Bornstein.

Of course, NW doesn't have a great track record when it comes to stories about Jenner. Just a couple of months ago, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid when it wrongly reported Jenner is slated to do a reality TV show with Hutchins. Much like that falsehood, the latest article about Jenner's face "falling it" is completely untrue.

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