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Dylan Penn has officially joined the family business! The 24-year-old daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright makes her acting debut in horror flick "Condemned," in which she plays a privileged teen squatting with her boyfriend in an abandoned New York City apartment building where a strange disease has taken hold of the residents. caught up with the model-actress -- who's previously posed for Glamour, Vogue and Treats! magazines -- and got the scoop on the best advice she's gotten from her parents about the biz, why you'll never see her strut her stuff for Victoria's Secret and more. Keep reading for the highlights from our exclusive chat -- and don't forget to check out "Condemned" on iTunes and VOD now.

Dylan Penn on the advice Sean Penn gave her about her acting debut: "I didn't ask for much advice, and I wasn't really given any. But my dad said one thing that really stuck with me. He said, 'You're obviously playing a character and someone who's not you. But always know that if you're saying a line and it doesn't feel right in your mouth or you have to do a movement that isn't right to you, whatever it is, don't do it because if it feels false to you, it will read false.' I can tell now watching 'Condemned' -- I can see where I really took that into consideration and used it to my advantage and then when I didn't and said something that I wouldn't say or something that I didn't really believe. It comes off as fake, which translates into bad acting to the audience."

Dylan Penn on getting support from her dad at the Screamfest premiere of "Condemned": "It gave me a sense of comfort. It was so nice to have my dad as my date to my first premiere. Both my parents are so supportive, and I feel really lucky to be able to share [my career] with them and have them rooting for me."

Dylan Penn on the scariest part of making her acting debut: "The whole thing! It was my first movie and my first time acting without having any kind of formal training whatsoever. It was all really scary -- but exciting at the same time."

Dylan Penn on the most challenging part of making "Condemned": "Running up and down the stairs all day was pretty good exercise. Other than that, there's one scene at the end of the movie where [spoiler]... It was the last two days of shooting, and it was April and freezing cold. We were right by the water at night, and I was wearing a tank top and jeans and that was it. I literally felt like I was going to get hypothermia the whole time. Trying to act scared -- trying to act in general! -- while you're freezing your a-- off is definitely a challenge."

Dylan Penn on what made "Condemned" the perfect project for her acting debut: "It was kind of an accident. I really loved the script, and I was surprised to be so interested in a horror film -- that's not my favorite genre. But I thought it was a very clever, smartly written script... And I felt like doing a small independent film like this would be a good first thing. And it was! It was a blast and I learned a lot."

Dylan Penn on her career aspirations: "My passion lies in writing and directing and producing my own things. But for now I want to continue acting -- and I want to get better at it. I feel like I'm learning a lot just being on set. In the next five years, I would like to have written, directed and produced my own film. I definitely hope to do that. But for now I'm just taking it step by step."

Dylan Penn on the 2015 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, which she attended as a guest: "I've always wanted to go to the Victoria's Secret show for the performances. I am a huge fan of The Weeknd, so it was kind of like a dream to go and see him perform. And obviously those models are gorgeous, so it's entertaining watching them walk down the runway in underwear. I am in that world [of modeling], but I'm not as involved as some of my peers. It's kind of a separate, different world for me."

Dylan Penn on why she'd never walk in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: "I think it would be pretty cool to say that I walked the Victoria's Secret runway, but I don't think that's really what I want to be doing. I've tried to take jobs that are more out of the limelight in terms of modeling because I feel like if I'm going to be in the acting world and want to be taken seriously as a screenwriter and director one day, that wouldn't really look great on my résumé."