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Older men need not apply!

Kirstie Alley is making her preference for younger men known after spending 2015 dating men closer in age to her own 64 years.

"I feel that men over 50 are just sort of lackluster," she told on Jan. 7 while promoting her latest ad campaign for Jenny Craig.

"It's not that they don't parachute out of planes," she explained. "I like people in general who have big dreams and who are sort of ageless. If you say, 'What're you up to?' They say, 'Oh, I'm doing this and I'm building this and then we're gonna go here.' I like to hear their stories and what their plans are and what they're going to do and know that they're actually going to do those things."

"And I don't find a lot of men who are real creative or playful in a conversation … and sound exciting to me," she added. "Everyone just goes, 'Well, you know, I slowed down a little bit. I retired. I just want to travel a lot.' I'm like, 'Oh my God, I'm gonna kill myself.' So that isn't for me."

So what exactly IS the "Look Who's Talking" alum looking for?

Men in their late twenties, it seems!

"If you talk to a guy who's 25 or 26 -- let's go 28 because sometimes 25 or 26 year olds don't know what they're doing either -- but at 28, they're like, 'I'm doing this!' And they have these plans, they have energy behind it and they have life behind it. They're excited about life."

Ultimately, Kirstie is open to love regardless of her partner's age: "If I found a dude like that, I'd be willing to continue," she said.

The former reality-TV star is no stranger to making headline-grabbing revelations about her love life.

During a late 2012 interview with Barbara Walters, the "Cheers" star fessed up to falling in love with John Travolta -- whom she called "the greatest love of my life" -- on the set of their 1989 film "Look Who's Talking." She also claimed to have had an emotional affair with "North and South" co-star Patrick Swayze while she was married to her second husband, Parker Stevenson.

Kirstie and Parker share two children, son William and daughter Lillie, and were married from 1983 to 1997. (She reportedly divorced her high school sweetheart, Robert Alley, in 1977.)

The funny-woman also romanced "Hart of Dixie" star Tim Matheson in 1981 and actor James Wilder -- who is 17 years her junior -- from 1997 to 2000.